Service and maintenance

We want you as a customer to enjoy our extensive services at all times in order to assure you of the best and continuous operation of your system. For this reason, Electro Zwijsen offers its customers not only the installation of its systems but the management and maintenance of them as well. Thanks to our combination of technologies, we are at the forefront of the maintenance of systems with the emphasis on cost-efficiency, energy saving and safety.

Sustainable returns from buildings

As a contemporary technical service provider, Electro Zwijsen represents the integration of innovative technologies.

Technical management begins with the design

Technology is an increasingly larger part of the investment in a building. This is why it is smart to already take technical solutions and management into account in the design stage. Electro Zwijsen pools its resources in the following disciplines:

  • Technical Design
  • Installation Technology
  • Management & Maintenance

Our engineers are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They, like no other, understand what technical breakdowns can mean for you and can solve them with the necessary knowledge and the least amount of disruption to your activities. Our services can also be brought in for preventative maintenance via a plan agreed upon with the customer.



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Breakdown services required?

Contact us on +32 (0)15 305 305.

Outside of office hours, you will be given a number where we can reached 24/24 – 7/7. For customers with a maintenance contract, we guarantee a quick response time.

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