General electrical works

General electrical works formed the original core activities of Electro Zwijsen nv, and they still account for a significant part of our projects. We have accumulated extensive experience over the years in installing electrical systems in hospitals, shopping malls, offices, sports centres, warehouses and many other commercial and industrial sectors.

Direct communication

Building a relationship of trust through direct communication is vital to being able to provide our customers with a successful end result.  An itemised proposal is drawn up for every project that will include technical documentation and drawings. During the implementation stage, our customers are always assisted by our project officer, the customer's fixed contact who is familiar with every detail of the system.

Intensive service

Active service is the keyword in our approach to every project, whether large or small. One of our greatest strengths is our flexibility, not only in the engineering and implementation stages but also in our aftercare.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our breakdown service division is available to solve our customers’ technical breakdowns within the shortest time possible.



At the new building of the Music Academy in Dilbeek we were responsible for the general electrical work, access control, fire detection, intrusion prevention, data work and...


RVT Salvé is a characteristic rest home in a suburb of Brasschaat. During the renovation of wing A Electro Zwijsen was responsible for the electrical work....

Sint-Katelijne Waver

In the last few years, Electro Zwijsen has implemented the electrical system for a new warehouse, for the new crate-washing plant and the new Euro Pool Systems site, the...

ZNA includes in and around Antwerp 3 general and 6 specialized hospitals, including the Middelheim hospital. Electro Zwijsen was responsible for the
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