In the spotlight: power / emergency generators

Following the recent news coverage of impending power shortages in Belgium, more and more companies are looking for solutions to ensure the continuity of their activities. We also receive inquiries from private individuals as to how to protect themselves from power cuts.

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Electro Zwijsen is a technical service provider that specialises in all branches of electrical engineering, ranging from medium voltage, general electricity to automation, security and maintenance. Actively working and thinking with the customer, from concept development to completion, is one of our greatest strengths. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, and we have customers that have been loyal to our firm for 15, 20 and even 25 years. All of this is possible because of our highly motivated and skilled employees who, thanks to their experience and continuous training, can respond to all technical challenges.


Electro Zwijsen is active in various sectors. Our project leaders are specialised in a number of these sectors, so you always have a contact who understands your business and provides you with a truly customised solution.

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Electro Zwijsen is an independent contracting firm that is active in various domains of electrical engineering.

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